In today’s society where COVID-19 has taken over the world, and cause many businesses a downfall, E- commerce store is the best option for brands to continue its engagement with its’ loyal customers. In order for brands to continue their businesses and maintain their place in a market, their best option is to reach out to their customers through an e commerce store with different digital marketing strategies. By using digital marketing strategies they can promote their businesses as well as keeping them inform about their upcoming update to their loyal and valued customers what are they working on, when are they releasing or  launching a product in a market, how a customer can place an order, is it pre-book or available in a market and etc. There are many ways to reach out to customers through digital marketing strategies, as technology is advancing really fast around the world.

People will start to trust E commerce store more when ordered item is delivered on time, the quality off product is what it should be, and the prices are within a range, then people will start to place more order through e commerce then actually visiting a store.  By using digital marketing strategies, and engaging with your clients can get you a traffic on an online store, it will build an image that will show the trust of its customer in a brand. E commerce store are spreading all around the world as the targeted audience gets what they want just by sitting at home. Now a days, online shopping is the most convenient option for people because they can shop just by sitting at home and wait for their order to be deliver, compare to actually going to the market and unable to find a product in a store due to the high demand of it. On an online store, it is easier for customer to find an item that they are looking for then visiting multiple shops and returning back home with disappointment for not being able to find the item they were looking for.

With an E- commerce store, it is best for businesses to come up with a plan that will allow customers to engage with the representatives, if they have any questions or having difficulty finding a product. It is best to build a proper guide for customers so they can easily navigate an application or a website, so the web page or the application would not crash, as the flow of the traffic increase on a website. Coming up with a solution that will allow keeping customers engage on a developed application or webpage, so the traffic continue to flow in a positive direction and brings in the profit for business. This way a brand or business value and loyal customer will remain and become a part of a family. Their suggestion will help you succeed in the market locally and internationally.


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