Where a COVID-19 pandemic has caused disturbance in the market around the world, where businesses are struggling to maintain their stance in the market, so they can continue to run their businesses. But being unable to gather the audience, businesses are suffering from the loss as they are unable to meet the target sales of the weeks, months, let alone for a day. Business owners are unable to keep up with the everyday demands of the government, pressure is being build up upon the businesses, which is leading to the shutdown of a company or a brand. Many brands and companies are going bankrupt due to the lack of purchasing power. In order for the business owner to minimize the loss during pandemic, it is best for the business owner to take action through by getting together with its partners, shareholders, company employees, and follow World Health Organization (WHO) guide lines.

Firstly, let’s start with business owners, they need to go over their business plan and make improvement, also come up with new strategies, so the business can continue to grow in a steady pace. Going over a business plan can help determine which products are costly, and what can we do to minimize that cost, then they need  come up with strategies like sales and promotion, launching new products, have 6 in distance in office tables, have masks, sanitizer and gloves available for all the employees. Keep a close check on your employees to prevent Coronavirus from spreading. Following World Health Organization guidelines, and have it available for your employees. This way business will run smoothly and in a very safe environment.

Secondly, company runs with loyal employees, so it is for you to involve your employees because they are your workers, at the same time they are your audience/customers, since, everyone taste differs so it will allow you to come up with a plan or strategy that will help your business towards making profit as well as holding or maintaining your position in a market. A plan that covers the safety of all employees as well as your business.

Lastly, create a safe environment for your employees and be ready to be available for them, whenever they need you. Also, minimize the traffic in the office by allowing your employees to work from home, furthermore, keep your managers up to date regarding all the matters regarding COVID-19, send out emails, post on company forum, also have all your employees update, so you and your company employees work together as one and maintain a healthy environment for everyone.  For company and its’ employees benefit have proper cleaning guidelines, and make sure that those guidelines are being properly followed by a proper standard procedure. This way your company will be in less panic and more organize, especially when government are supporting businesses by providing them with any sort of aid, a business might require.


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